Why should businesses use an energy broker?

Whether you are a Small/Medium size business or FTSE 100 company, a respectable and independent energy broker can prove to be valuable to your business. The growth in the energy market and complex regulations, have made it very complicated for companies to regulate their energy expenses, therefore hiring an energy broker has become a necessity for companies who value their time.

An energy broker acts as an intermediary between the energy suppliers and business energy consumers and their role is to obtain the best contract for their clients. However what does an energy broker offer that makes them so vital to UK businesses?

Energy Brokers have a deep understanding of the energy market and brokers like Pulse Commercial Utilities constantly monitor gas and electricity market prices, enabling our clients to make an informed business energy buying decisions.

Energy suppliers are more likely to offer a competitive price to a broker, not only because they know they are competing for the business, but also because they know competitive pricing through a broker will get them the opportunity for more business from the broker. This competitive element will bring down the suppliers profit margin and ultimately lower your business energy cost.

In addition energy brokers like Pulse ensure that their clients can focus on the day to day running of their business, so they provide on-going support and deal with all contractual queries.

Pulse Commercial Utilities will also help our clients set up and manage flexible price energy purchasing. Flexible Energy Procurement offers clients choice over their energy purchasing and is ideal for companies who do not want to purchase their energy at a fixed price all in one go. Historic data shows flexible procurement can save 0.4p to 0.8p per kwh on gas and electricity procurement.

Sounds good? Then contact us today and we can save you and your business money and time.