The Energy Crisis – Looking Ahead

The increased energy market volatility is leading to significant damage for the national and global economies. That is why it is more important than ever that the voice of businesses is heard at a time when government is shaping policy around energy independence and net zero.  

Although most European countries are now trying to source alternative energy supplies and
reduce their dependency on Russian gas, it is clear that Europe cannot kick its gas habit quickly
enough and will continue to need Russian gas for at least the next two years. Even if enough LNG
completely replaces the current levels of gas coming into Europe, there are not enough LNG
terminals in Europe to unload additional cargoes required to replace Russian gas. 

Joseph Letras, General Manager at Pulse Business Energy said:

“At Pulse we recognise that effective support and advice are crucial for our customers and have taken measures in this direction in the form of increased account managements support at no additional cost; price analyses provided to each customer increased by an average of 200% and we developed daily energy reports to keep customers informed of significant market drivers.”

As part of a wider energy crisis report, we looked at the global events that could shape the future of UK wholesale prices:

Are your utilities up-to-date?

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