Summer energy prices and the Great British weather

With the summer upon us, the question on our minds is will it be a wet and windy summer like last year with just a few days of good weather?

Judging by the year we have had so far, 2013 isn’t looking like it will be an Indian summer. The reports and research we’ve seen predicts a mixed bag. The good news is that it will be far less wet than the summer of 2012, which was a washout. Temperatures are though looking quite disappointing when compared to our continental Eurozone neighbours.

Gas prices in summer 2012 were fairly stable but started to rise following the extended winter and peaked in March 2013. As a result of higher gas demand throughout summer 2013 due to the unpredictable weather changes gas prices have not relented much.

Between April-Sep 2013, average daily gas consumption is forecasted to be 153 million cubic metres/day which is greater than last year’s figures of 148 million cubic metres/day in the same period.

With regards to the electricity prices, the prediction is that demand will be higher over the season than last year what’s driving the gas market, and by association, electricity prices.

In short summer 2013 will be a mixture of good and bad weather, where we will have some dry, sunny and warm days in addition to some cooler, cloudier and wetter days. Summer 2013 will be certainly better and drier than summer 2012 with the warmest and driest spells predicted to be in July. August however is looking rather dreary, with only some outbreaks of sunshine.

As for the energy prices, unpredictable weather = unpredictable demand and unpredictable energy prices.