Utilities Directive Compliant Energy Procurement Framework specifically for Rail and Tram Operators.

Under EU law implemented by statute in the UK, any electricity supply contracts awarded by rail and tram operators must comply with the Utilities Directive (OJEU) notice and contract award procedures. Any award made outside these procedures is susceptible to challenge and could harm the reputation and good standing of the operator.

Rail and Tram Operators - Specialist Sectors

Electricity represents a big cost for a Tram operator, so Pulse works directly with the operator to achieve the best purchasing strategy that focuses on securing a high level of budget certainty over electricity network costs and carbon taxes but also gives the operator access to a dynamic commodity purchasing strategy that all Framework Agreement suppliers offer.

An AWARD-Winning Buying Strategy

Pulse Business Energy worked with Nottingham Express Transit to take a fresh look at the nature of utility buying.

In 2014 we were delighted to be awarded the management of the Nottingham Tramlink electricity for an initial 3-year contract.

In 2017, our strategy was so successful that we were awarded the “Energy Buying Team of the Year” in the Energy Awards 2017 with NET.

Nottingham Express Transit (NET)

Pulse helped NET to save £1,198,340 between 2015-2018 against the price available to fix in November 2013.

Pulse published a Contract Notice under the Utilities Directive for Nottingham Tramlink, which simultaneously created a “Framework Agreement” that any Rail or Tram Operator can use when seeking to award electricity supply contracts. There are 3 Ofgem-licensed electricity suppliers to choose from within the Framework, and we can run a mini-tender based on your own award criteria amongst the 3 Framework suppliers.

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Download the full case study:

Electricity Purchasing Case Study - Pulse

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