The ideal solution to manage multiple sites and meters

Property and Managing Agents face unique challenges and we specialise in solving them.

Our solutions:

Synchronise your whole portfolio no matter the number of meters and locations.

Decrease the huge amount of time property managers spend on dealing with different contracts and different end dates. In fact, Pulse can help you reduce the amount of time spent on managing utilities by 90%!

Pulse can tender a whole portfolio out to suppliers at the same time and by aggregating consumption it is possible to obtain a more preferential rate, saving clients up to 10% on their bills.

Having an integrated portfolio means you just have to think about the renewal of the portfolio once a year rather than every couple of weeks for hundreds of meters.

A common problem

  • A Managing Agent with over 1,000 sites asked Pulse to fix their historic billing issues. Their meters were billed on a quarterly basis and it was impossible to submit meter readings on time. This meant that invoices were often incorrect as they were calculated on estimated readings.

The Solution

  • Pulse has a proven process working alongside managing agents whereby any bills not based on actual readings are credited and re-billed.
  • In nine months, one Managing Agent saved £61,000 on inaccurate billing.

Why choose Pulse?

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