Some Good Energy News – Bill Savings and Triad Warnings

Billing Savings and Triad Warnings

Still Here for You

Despite the difficulties being experienced across the country, and the world as a whole due to COVID-19, please rest assured that Pulse Business Energy is still fully operational, working remotely to provide you with the best service. As such, please continue to contact your respective Account Managers, the Bill Validation and Sales teams for the respective services that you require.

Customer Savings / Recoveries

In the first quarter of 2020, we have achieved over £545K in bill validation recoveries for our customers. Having surpassed the £2M mark, we now look to the next milestone in the year ahead. This is a testament to the dedication, hard work and diligent approach to ensuring that our customers do not pay more than they should on their energy bills. Our focus and drive only grow as we enter a period of uncertainty where it is more important than ever to identify billing errors and address excess charges in order to recoup all funds owed to customers. Please contact us to hear how this service could be of benefit to your company as you monitor your energy spend over the coming months.

Accurate Triad Warnings

The Triad dates for the 2019/2020 winter period have now been finalised. If your business opted in to receive Pulse’s daily Triads Warning email alerts, you would have benefited from receiving “Very High” probability warnings for all three dates that have now been identified as the final Triad dates.

The Triads for 2019/20 are:

Date Settlement Period Time Net System Demand (MW)
18th November 20193517:3044,308
2nd December 20193517:3044,160
17th December 20193417:0043,546
Final Triads 2019 2020 Warning system

If you took steps to reduce your power demand during peak time on those days, you should undoubtedly see good results in your Triad reconciliation charges. Please note that in order to benefit from this, your transmission charges would need to be done as pass-through on your respective energy contracts.

Pulse will also undertake Triad cost analysis for all our relevant customers to ensure that the suppliers’ reconciliation charges are accurate, based on your half-hourly data and final rate for the *TNUoS (Transmission Network Use of System) .

Businesses will also welcome the news that Ofgem has extended the current TNUoS billing method through to March 2022. As such, businesses will continue to benefit from adjusting power demand during the Triad periods into winter 2020 and 2021. The TNUoS billing method is due to be changed to a fixed charge from April 2022. As always, we will provide more details on this and other upcoming industry changes in the near future.

* The TNUoS charges are levied to recover the cost of installing and maintaining the transmission system. The Triad refers to the three half-hour periods with highest system demand between November and February, separated by at least 10 clear days. This data is used to calculate your final charges each year.