Smart Metering – The Truth About the UK’s 2020 Smart Metering Programme

Firstly, some facts about the Government’s smart metering programme:

  • Yes the onus of the installation will be placed on the suppliers.
  • The cost of the Smart Meters will still be paid by the customer to the supplier (through the bill).
  • The biggest risk, which is yet to be 100% resolved, is that a Smart Meter installed by supplier A, may not be compatible when you switch to supplier B.
  • So you may end up paying for Smart Metering costs every time you want to move suppliers or you can forfeit this outright.
  • The functionality of the Smart Metering will be determined by the supplier who installs the smart meter.
  • The roll out completion date of 2020 could be extended still further.

 If you want Smart Metering and want to avoid these problems we advise you to:

  • Source Smart Meters direct and negotiate the costs.
  • Negotiate and control the rollout timescale;
  • Choose the Smart Metering provider based on the reporting services that best suit your needs.
  • You will own the metering technology and when you move supplier the system will move with you.
  • UK regulated metering companies have agreements with all the major suppliers to collect their Smart Metering data and this won’t change, so your freedom to choose supplier is not compromised.

By taking control, your company can end up with a tailored solution with an ROI that is paid off many years before 2020.

Smart Metering based solutions like POD from Pulse Business Energy can also combine Smart Metering to provide:

[efsli]Bill validation[/efsli]
[efsli]Billing libraries[/efsli]
[efsli]Engaging Usage reporting and alerting[/efsli]


Watch POD Video Demonstration below:


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