Pulse shortlisted for two Energy Awards 2019

energy awards 2019 finalists

We are immensely proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for 2 awards at the Energy Awards 2019. The nominations came following an extensive upgrade of our own energy management software POD 3.0 and a successful collaboration project with Uliving and the University of Hertfordshire.

Pulse has been nominated for the following two categories:

  • Innovation of the Year: Technology – Software/ Data/ Digital. Nominated project: “POD 3.0 – Pushing the boundaries of Online Energy Management”.
  • Energy Data Collection and Analysis: Project. Nominated project: “Universal Data Access for University of Hertfordshire (UofH) and Uliving”.

Pulse is competing with many of the energy industry giants, therefore, being shortlisted for the Energy Awards 2019 is a magnificent achievement and we believe it is a reflection of our service and processes which are entirely focused on customer experience and success.

Innovation of the Year – POD 3.0 Nomination

Having won the Energy Awards in 2016, POD (Pulse Online Database – Energy Management Software) is once again being nominated for The Innovation of The Year 2019.  Pulse is continually finding ways to champion the need for businesses to have comprehensive and accurate data on their energy usage and the platform is continually updated to keep pace with changing energy requirements.

In 2019, we launched a new supplier agnostic platform, POD 3.0, which integrates with any source of data via an API. It not only dramatically improves administration efficiency but more importantly, provides real time data and analysis to any level within a customer organisation so that everyone can become an energy champion and impact energy consumption.

POD Pulse online database

POD 3.0 can display ‘real-time’ half hourly data, consumption and spend reports, tailored to the customer’s company objectives and to the individual user. We provide POD 3.0 to all of our customers free of charge, for as many users’ licenses as they need. Our incremental cost of roll out per user within a company is negligible compared with the consumption that POD might inspire them to reduce.

Energy Data Collection and Analysis – Project Nomination

We are proud to have worked with Uliving to champion its implementation, monitoring, collection and data analysis of a CHP Unit that can generate 12 MW of electricity per annum for their client, The University of Hertfordshire (UofH)

Pulse Uliving Energy broker

UofH and Uliving collaborated together to build a new accommodation campus for 3011 students which was completed in 2018. The aim was to deliver a carbon friendly building that met outstanding BREEAM standards with sustainable energy costs so that it remained affordable for generations. In order to achieve these targets, a state-of-the-art Energy Centre (EC) was built that uses a CHP unit.

Uliving and UofH partnered with Pulse to monitor, collect and analyse all data points throughout the project.

We realised that this type of energy infrastructure with multiple contractors, would often result in several meter operators and sources of data collection. Creating an impractical outcome and poor end user experience on completion.

The objective for Pulse, Uliving and UofH was to create universal data access on one platform with all the key data points of the projects. Pulse was able to retro-fit AMR devices and set up AMR and DC contracts that would work on one platform. In this instance we provided our POD platform to all parties for this purpose. POD consolidates all data and monitoring solutions, billing data, AMR and DC contracts and other related data in one place.

Christian Stanbury the CEO of Uliving@Hertfordshire comments, “The Energy Centre and CHP are an important step towards sustainability and represented a heavy investment. It was important to be associated with a knowledgeable partner that could help us navigate the project complexity and to achieve the best possible outcome for the business, the University and our students. POD has been a fundamental software application that aggregates and reports on all the data generated by the AMR devices and systems. It definitely helps with reporting and our understanding of the energy generation, usage and long term strategy for ourselves and our partners”.

The Energy Awards 2019

This year’s winners will be announced at the awards ceremony which will be held on 21 November and will bring together some of the best names in the energy industry under one roof for an unmissable evening at the London Hilton, Park Lane.


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