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Eliminate the hassle of managing business utilities with POD

In addition to being an Energy Broker, Pulse has also created POD, an award-winning energy management portal.  POD stands for Pulse Online Database and combines a bill validation tool, document libraries for bills, contracts, rates, energy usage reporting and energy budgeting tools all in one easy-to-access portal.

About POD

POD is an Award-Winning innovation that coordinates and organises all your energy administration and reporting needs in one place.

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Energy management can be a complicated business.

With the increasing complexity of government schemes, levies and market volatility, it’s important that we help our customers stay on top of market conditions as well as their energy administration.

Whilst some brokers were signing customers on unhelpful terms and making it harder for customers to understand their bills, Pulse set off on a bold journey to build a transparent software that customers would engage with and would create genuine efficiencies across finance, facilities and sustainability teams.

That’s where POD comes in.

Pulse customers use POD to manage their energy portfolios. The cloud-based portal was designed by Pulse’s in-house experts drawing upon their years of experience in managing energy contracts.

Pulse Online Database

Cloud based utility management

POD is a cloud based platform that holds consumption data, bills, contracts, meter information, helpful budgeting tools along with any results on billing errors that we’ve found for you. It doesn’t matter if you are managing one site with a single meter or thousands of meters spread across multiple locations.

Flexible contract customers can see the current purchasing position and market information. Half Hourly meter customers can see ‘real-time’ consumption and even set alerts to make sure the business stays within expected boundaries.

In fact, POD brings so many benefits that it can save 90% of the time spend on managing utilities.

Reduce the time spent on managing utilities by 90%


Leading the way in technology for the Energy industry, POD won the “Technology, Internet & Controls Innovation of the Year” award at the UK Energy Awards

“This innovation really seeks to address the concerns of procurement professionals with a comprehensive package designed to encourage collaboration”
Judges’ Comments – The Energy Awards

Pulse Online Database

What can POD do for you?

All your documents in one place

Budgeting and Forecasting

Manage multiple sites and meters​

Trading Tool

Regional access view

Renewal Timeline

On Demand - Live usage reports​

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Avoid the hassle of managing business utilities with POD​

POD is free to all Pulse customers and it reduces time spent on managing utilities by 90%*.

Download the brochure to learn how POD can help your business.