POD Wins prestigious Tech Award at UK Energy Awards.

Leading the way in Tech for the Energy space POD became the ‘Technology, Internet & Controls Innovation of the Year 2016’ winner at the UK Energy Awards on Wednesday evening 30th November.

The POD platform, a two-year development that enables cross-departmental collaboration between procurement, finance, sustainability, accounts and facilities, simplifying energy trading, budgeting, monitoring and management has been recognised for its breakthrough standard.

“This innovation really seeks to address the concerns of procurement professionals with a comprehensive package designed to encourage collaboration” (Judges Comments)

Offering a new perspective on energy and built with algorithms to automate data, POD has turned the heads of some of the UK energy industry’s most recognised experts.

In a world where automation, AI and machine learning are the technologies of the future, POD works seamlessly in the background displaying only the simplest of data, but dig under the surface and you will discover perhaps one of the most advanced technology engines created to date in this industry. With over six thousand meters currently being monitored on the platform, the robustness has been tested and now scaling is on the horizon.

Managing Director Ben Dhesi and Head developer Gary Fox along with other members of the team received the award at the London Hilton Hotel, Park Lane. Championing the award in an interview after the ceremony, the pair spoke about how much it meant to the business as a whole, how it establishes Pulse as a real tech player not just a broker in the energy market and how now the real challenge begins to bring this product to the wider energy market helping more businesses understand and save energy and money.

Business energy is simple with POD, to learn more visit: www.thepod.co.uk