POD 2.0 – The future of energy management has arrived, again!

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Soon there will be two methods to manage your energy procurement, one method will be to trawl through time consuming and laborious spreadsheets and the other method is to simply use POD (Pulse Online Database).

After the first launch of POD in 2014, it has re-invented itself in a big way. After talking with frequent POD users, we listened, so we came back with POD 2.0 – faster, slicker and more user friendly. Oh and we added a few new features to firmly centralize all energy management, which delivers a wholesome energy outlook to the end user.

POD Header - Pulse Business Energy

Only Pulse Business Energy had the ambition to create an innovative software in-house to truly change the way energy users look at managing their energy. The features of POD should be seen as mandatory to anyone handling energy procurement for their business:

  • Documents – All your paperwork from all your UK sites in one place, online. POD automatically imports all your contract documents and invoices from all your energy suppliers.
  • Budgeting Tool – Energy Budgets created for you. POD analyses past usage to produce your annual energy budget automatically.
  • Bill Validation – POD will automatically check your bills against the rates in your contract and your meter readings before validating them.
  • Trading Tool – POD gives you visibility of all your energy purchases and the position they sit in the market.
  • PODemand Energy Reporting – Live usage reports direct from your meters. POD links up with your meters, making sure you’re in control.

One more thing, the software is provided by Pulse to our customers at no additional cost to the procurement service. Thus staying true to our original concept of adding value to our procurement service and post contract journey.

Download our POD Brochure – Pulse Business Energy to give you even more insight on how our technology can help your business. 

To find out more information on how POD can really make a difference in your business, please contact one of our dedicated Pulse team on 0333 7000 250 or e-mail: enquiries@pulsebusinessenergy.co.uk