New Electricity Meter? How to get power hassle-free!

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Do you need help getting a New Meter Installation?

So, you have your new mains connection, your buildings been renovated, and the finish line is almost in sight and you can open your doors and start trading! An exciting milestone!  

But wait… you still need your new meter for the commercial gas or electricity. You also need a competitive contract, a reliable supplier and a company to just take this hassle away so you can focus on the next stage with peace of mind.  

Pulse will have you trading in no time!  

New Electricity Meter Service:

We offer an end to end service with a range of suppliers who can offer you competitive rates before deciding which supplier is to install your new meter. Often in haste, many businesses fall at this final hurdle and end up signing a long-term contract at uncompetitive rates on the promise of a meter installation in the required timeframe costing your business a lot of money.  

*We also offer the same service for gas meters

Pulse offers:  

  • New Meter Installation for Gas or Electric
  • Expert Advice tailored to your business requirements 
  • End to end service  
  • Emergency installations
  • Competitive MOP contracts for Half Hourly metering  
  • Free to use access to our POD software 
  • On-going account management after installation 

At Pulse, building long-term relationships with our clients is a core part of our business. We wish to be with you every step of the way.  

Our tools and solutions are here to save you time and improve the way you do business.

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