Importance of trusting your energy broker

With a busy business the last thing you have time for is to worry about your energy costs and liaising with various suppliers and finding the best price to suit your budget is something most people like to outsource.

But how do you pass over such a great responsibility to an Energy broker/ Consultant in an unregulated market where suppliers have stronger relationships with the broker than you.

Even OFGEM are pledging to tackle the broker market, but talk is cheap and regulation may be years away. Yet amongst the untrustworthy brokers, there are some good ones too. You just have to do your research.

Researching an energy broker – which questions to ask?

Firstly, ask for references and speak to companies that actually use them. Find out about their charges and if they say it’s free put the phone down! Once you understand the charge (whether collecting via the supplier or not) decide if it’s worth the outsourcing the work to them.

Secondly, ask for a schedule of the service offering and agree what responsibilities and tasks they are going to be responsible for to set a clear agenda.

Above all brokers must demonstrate a desire to place their customers first and that they have genuine integrity, motivation and drive to put the interests of their customers first.

At Pulse our reputation is of paramount importance to us and although you can’t tell a book by its cover we are:

  1. ISO 9001 UKAS accredited to “to supply energy consultancy and procurement services and subsequent service management”
  2. Members of the UIA (Utilities Intermediary Association) and subscribe to their Code of Practice
  3. Finalist for the Energy Live News Most Trusted Energy Consultant of the Year Award