ESOS Update: October 2015

With many people doing ESOS Reports and lots of information being gathered and presented in one place, we’ve decided to go old school and provide our ESOS customers with beautifully bound coffee/reception table ESOS Compliance booklets.

Each booklet contains all four stages of ESOS, such as measuring energy consumption, energy auditing and Director and Assessor review and a recommendations section.  Hopefully having something tangible to present the board for sign off will always help stakeholders and employees in organisations to understand their energy usage and where it can be affected.


We have a range of ESOS consultancy services ranging from ESOS Audits to compliance recommendations and support.

Robin Hamaker is Pulse Business Energy’s qualified low carbon energy consultant. She provides advice and services on energy efficiency and audits, energy behaviour change, and on UK energy legislation such as CRC, CCA, and ESOS. She can be reached at