Making the tough decisions

Even for experts and high energy users, choosing the right supply contract can be a minefield

This is where we can help

Gas Electricity Water Procurement

Procurement & Tender

We facilitate a completely independent tender process on your behalf, across all the major suppliers in the market.

Pulse Business Energy goes further than other energy brokers by completing forensic tendering of the non-commodity charges included in your contract making sure your energy contract is fair with a free legal review of the energy supplier’s proposed contract terms”
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The right contract for your business

Energy procurement services from Pulse Business Energy can protect your company from rising business energy costs and fluctuating energy prices.

Our team of energy brokers takes time to fully understand your needs, then compares business gas and electricity prices and quotes from a range of business energy suppliers. We evaluate all quotes and legal contract terms in detail to ensure we recommend the best deal for your business – not just the best price.

Our energy procurement service offers an easy and hassle-free way to compare business energy prices from a range of gas and electricity suppliers. If your business needs a new gas or electricity contract or your current contract is coming up for renewal, give us a call or come and meet our team for an informal chat about how we can help with free, no obligation procurement advice.

The right purchasing strategy

It may be that you want budget certainty and a fixed product is the most suitable.

Or, if you are comfortable with a little more risk, flexible purchasing allows you to take advantage of favourable market conditions during the period of your contract, should they occur.

Either way, you can count on us to find the best purchasing strategy for your business.