Metering Management

We can assist with new connections, meter changeovers, disconnections and unmetered electricity, amongst other services related to utility meters. Our metering team has project management training that will ensure your job is completed as smoothly as possible and within your specified timeframes.

It is possible that your business has electricity supplies without meters, within your sites.

If you have a ‘Shipperless’ meter that doesn’t have an official meter number, you are at risk of receiving bills for up to 6 previous years. Or maybe you just need meters installed or moved.

We can manage all of those elements for you as well as arranging the data service to go with your meter so you can receive real-time consumption information.

It’s another admin headache we can take over, leaving you with more time to run your business.

We can help appoint Meter Operator agreements for all half hourly electricity supplied meters. Along with carrying out a MOP audit and providing a DC/DA agreement.

Project Management Services include:

  • New Connections: we manage and implement new connection work ranging from gas mains to electricity 3 phase supplies and will accelerate the process through our knowledge of the utilities market.
  • Metering: depending on whether you need your meter installed, relocated, removed or upgraded, it will be accomplished to your specific needs. We can arrange for this to be completed in conjunction with your outlet work.
  • Disconnections: we can arrange for GIRS and Gas Safe engineers to disconnect old supplies and make the workplace safe for other contractors within weeks of requests.

MOP Contract

Data Collection & Aggregation

Example Fees

Pulse works with industry leading suppliers who provide metering services.


Typical fees include:

COP 5 Meter: £250 per meter per year

DC/DA: £200 per meter per year

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Our consultants would be delighted to work with you to ensure you have the best energy strategy in place for your business.

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