An award winning buying strategy – See the judge’s comments on the Energy Awards 2017

The buying team of the year is fast becoming one of the most hotly contested categories in the Energy Awards. The field is so strong that it is no longer enough simply for teams to demonstrate successful performance – judges now look for additional factors to separate out the winners from the chasing pack.

This year’s winner, Pulse Business Energy, worked with client Nottingham Express Transit to take a fresh look at the nature of utility buying for the previously conservative fixed-price customer.

Pulse’s solution was to apply the dynamics of a commodity trading floor to forecast the behaviour of the electricity market and thus to buy spot or fixed short-term prices for NET at the most advantageous times. For those who haven’t been introduced to the intricacies of contango and backwardisation, suffice to say that the
policy saw the client safely move away from a long-term fix to purchase closer to the market. The success of the model is shown by the fact that NET fixed shortly before the turbulent 2016 Q4 without having to be exposed to the ructions of the market. The results speak for themselves – savings of the order of £1.2m over what it would have paid on a three-year fix. “True teamwork and impressive results,” raved judges.

Andrew Gaved, co-organiser of the Awards said: “With energy so much part of the fabric of our business lives and personal lives, it is important to recognise the companies that make a difference to its use, management and supply. It is a hugely diverse industry, where a lot of great work is going on, from innovative technology to inspiring projects to great service, so we are proud to once again showcase the best of the best. It is also worth emphasising that our winners are not just helping customers save money, they are helping them save carbon, so it is no exaggeration to say they are doing their bit to help save the planet too”.

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