We think there are 5 strong reasons why you should use an Energy Broker

The Utilities Market represents several challenges to companies that are planning to buy directly from suppliers.  A Utility Broker will take all the pain out of the tender, supply and ongoing processes, allowing you to enjoy savings and less administration.

If your business ever needs utilities expert advice, contact us.

Five reasons why you should use a utility broker:

We will give you independent advice for all options available in the market. We guarantee that our model has no incentives favouring a particular supplier or product. Rest assured, the advice you receive from anyone in our company is truly impartial. It’s a level playing field.
Well established brokers, like Pulse, are true experts on all aspects of energy and legislation, as well as procurement. We are specialists in pricing and trading, government legislation, supply side optimisation and much more. With over 100 years of combined energy experience, Pulse can advise on all areas of your company’s energy needs.
Carrying out tenders and admin for energy is massively time consuming and if we’re honest, talking to some large suppliers can be a little frustrating. We can do all that for you and save you many, many man hours. We can also advise on the intangibles of the market such as who the best suppliers are for customer service.
Ongoing support
Your relationship with your broker should be precisely that, a relationship. The energy market changes every week and you can rely on your account manager at Pulse to keep you updated on how those changes affect your business. That’s all part of the service.
Nothing to lose
If we haven’t persuaded you yet, why not take us for a test drive? We’d be happy to run a procurement tender for you with no obligation. If you don’t like the results, don’t sign up. There’s nothing to lose. We’re confident you’ll like what you see.
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